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Walk-In Bath Tubs

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We sell, install and service Walk-In-Tubs manufactured by
American Tubs, Ella's Bubbles, and MediTub. We install in Oregon & Washington. We sell nationally. Free Estimates. Contact us today!

We have on display in our showroom 6 different Walk-In Bath Tubs;
4 Ella's Bubbles Tubs; and
2 American Tubs.

Our walk-in tubs are designed to fit in the space of the standard tub or shower in your home. The tub door seals have lifetime guarantees against leakage. The price for purchasing and installing walk-in tubs generally starts around $8,000 to $10,000. We also sell tubs without installation.

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Ella's Bubbles Walk-in Tubs
Ella’s Bubbles is your expert when it comes to walk in bathtubs. They want to make sure customers get the perfect walk in tub, but with so many options it can get overwhelming to browse through. Ella's Bubbles wants to make sure customers are well informed about walk in bathtubs to make it easier to find the perfect match.

Ella Acrylic Inward Swing Stainless Steel & Tempered Glass Door Walk In Bathtubs
Ella's Acrylic Inward Swing Walk In Bathtubs with the Removable Stainless Steel (SS) & Tempered Glass Door features Dual Drain Technology allowing the bathtub to drain in approximately 80 seconds under ideal plumbing conditions. Two independently operated 2 in. drains with two independent overflow drains allow for faster gravity drainage compared to other single drain models. Three models, the Elite, Royal and Petite, are equipped with a unique removable patented 360° Swivel Tray. Ella Acrylic walk in baths are constructed with the highest grade cast acrylic with an easy to clean white gloss finish. The acrylic shell is reinforced with fiberglass and supported by a stainless steel frame and leveling legs to adjust with the option to lower the step in threshold for easier access into the bathtub. All models, except for the Two-Seat Companion, come with an extension panel. All models come standard with three front access panels, one end panel, and a pre-installed grab bar(s). Each model is available as a dual massage or soaking model, and can be ordered with a left or right side door/drain position.

Ella Acrylic Outward Swing Door Walk In Bathtubs
Ella's Acrylic Outward Swing Door Walk In Bathtubs are their latest product line which presents a fresh new design. Ella Acrylic walk in baths are constructed with the highest grade acrylic with an easy to clean white gloss finish. The acrylic shell is reinforced with fiberglass and supported by a stainless steel frame and leveling legs to adjust. All models come standard with two front access panels and one end panel. Each model comes with the hydro jetting option and can be ordered with a left or right side door/drain position. The outward swing door allows for easier accessibility and contain three latches to increase strength and stability against the water pressure. The Ella Acrylic Outward Swing Door Bathtub line is the first in the industry to include a roomy two seat bathtub, Tub4Two, that has an outward swinging door and a hydro massage diverter. Ella's Acrylic Outward Swing Door Bathtubs will soon include extra features such as ozone sterilization, chromatherapy, air jetting, heated seating and much more.

Outward Swing Door Walk In Bathtubs - Textured Acrylic
The Ella Outward Swing Door Walk In Bathtubs are made of a textured acrylic shell and feature a unique aluminum outward swinging door for greater accessibility. There are two types of outward swing door walk in bath tubs: easy step in and wheelchair accessible or wheelchair transfer walk in bathtubs. The wheelchair accessible walk in bathtubs are the perfect solution for wheelchair users or persons with low mobility by allowing the bather to sit down and slide in. The door shape is designed to swing over an existing toilet for maximum ability to open. All 17 inch seat heights are ADA compliant, along with mounted grab bars and reachable handles.

Mahalo – Textured Acrylic Wheelchair Transfer Bathtub
The Hawaiian word for gratitude and admiration is Mahalo. Ella could think of no better name for their slim outward swing acrylic wheelchair transfer walk in tub. The cut out door and 17” seat height assist with entry and exit, and the 21” seat width ensures the right fit for a petite user. Matched with stainless steel hardware and a beautiful acrylic finish, you really will be saying “Mahalo” in no time.The Ella Mahalo textured acrylic walk in bathtubs are available in four options: dual, hydro, air and soaking.

Tramo – Textured Acrylic Walk In Tub
When a customer wants an outward swing tub in which they can stretch out, the Tramo 59 is the best choice. Spanish for “stretch”, this full sized, seatless tub measures 32” x 59” x 33”, which gives a bather the option of resting with their legs straight out. An outward swing side door and a pillow headrest are also included, making this a great wheelchair access walk in bathtub. The Ella Tramo textured acrylic walk in bathtubs are available in three options: nano, air and soaking.

Sometimes, the biggest option is the best option. The Titan is the largest of Ella's wheelchair transfer tubs, with a 35” x 53” footprint, and 110 gallon capacity. This is the widest seat that Ella offers, period. Ella's dual drain technology is also included in this beautiful walk in tub is, a quick drain option that can empty the tub in approximately 80 seconds. The Ella Titan textured acrylic walk in bathtubs are available in four options: dual, hydro, air and soaking.

When accessibility, simplicity, and ergonomics are a top concern, the Ella Classic Wheelchair Transfer acrylic walk in tub is a clear winner. A beautifully cut outward swing door, comfortable 23 ¾” seat width, and a textured acrylic finish help to make this a safe and stylish option for an average sized bather. The ADA compliant ergonomics and plumbing fixtures round out this tub’s convenience package. The Ella Classic textured acrylic walk in bathtubs are available in four options: dual, hydro, air and soaking.

American Walk-in Tubs
American walk-in tubs feature water-tight doors for easy, safe access. Their bathtubs are manufactured with sturdy stainless steel frames, one-piece construction and quality hardware. A chair-height seat makes for comfortable bathing and easy up and down. If you are concerned about space, American walk-in tub’s dimensions allow for installation into an existing tub space.

American Tubs is located in California so tubs not in stock can be delivered in about 3 days.

A recommended option: air massage system powered by 18 state-of-art jets and ultra-quiet CG air blower, in addition an optional hydro massage system powered by 6 water jets and highly-acclaimed Syllent pump. American walk-in tub's jetting systems are supplied by long-established U.S./Canadian manufacturers.

American Model 3150 Walk-in Tub
Size: 31 x 50 x 36, Operating Capacity: with 200 lb person, 48 gallons. Walk-in tub model 3150 offers a wider, more comfortable seat giving the bather a more spacious experience.

American Deep Walk-in Tub
Size: 31 x 55 x 46, Operating Capacity: with 200 lb person, 90 gallons. The American Deep Soak walk-in tub provides several additional inches of water depth at chest level. As a result, you can enjoy the extra comfort of a “full tub” experience.

Available American Tub sizes:
  • 26" x 51" x 36"
  • 30" x 52" x 40"
  • 30" x 54" x 38"
  • 31" x 50" x 36"
  • 31" x 55" x 46"
  • 32" x 60" x 36"

Colors: White and Bisque

Salutations Chrome Faucet Set (ADA-compliant), Complete drain kit, Maintenance panel suction cup, Right hand, left-hand or universal extension panel, Right or left-hand door, Steel door handle, Steel or bondo interior grab bar, Tile flanges included, Installation & Operating Manuals, 2 oz. Gel Gloss Sample.

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Toll free: 800-944-4935

Whirlpool Spa Options:
Hydromassage System

6 water jets, “Green energy” Syllent™ pump, Mixture valve adjusts jet flow, Easy-touch control panel.

Air Bubble Massage System
18 low-profile air jets, Whisper-quiet CG Air™ blower, Easy-touch control panel.

Dual (Air + Water) Massage System
Integrated Hydro and Air Bubble Massage, Easy-touch Air + Hydro master control panel.

Options + Accessories
Ozone self-cleaning sanitary system, End panel for tub installed against one of two walls rather than three, Shower slidebar, Wall grab bar, Temperature mixing valve, In-line heaters for water-jetted tubs only, L-shaped shower rod in chrome only, 54-inch shower curtain designed for walk-in tub, Chromatherapy (light therapy) built into the tub, Aromatherapy integrated fragrance system.

Experience therapy through colors. Chromatherapy is available on all American Tub models. Multicolored lights positioned in the tub illuminate the water, heightening the bathing experience and providing therapeutic benefits.

Chromatherapy Features
3 9-LED lights strategically placed in tub basin, Easy-touch keypad control, On/Off - Allows the option of bathing with chromatherapy on or off, depending on the user’s preference or mood, Color Forward - Manually cycle through and pause on a favorite color, Color Backward - Manually cycle back to revisit a favorite color, Rainbow Cycle - Automatically sets the chromatherapy system to transition through the entire spectrum of colors. Each color lasts for 5 seconds before cycling through to the next, Fast and Slow color transition cycles at the touch of a button.

Using colors therapeutically is said to foster harmony and well being. Each color has a unique vibration with its individual speed, wavelength or rhythm.

Experience the benefits and pure luxury of a aromatherapy spa..., All American tub models offer the option of built-in aromatherapy system. The easy-care diffuser, built into the tub deck, fills the air with therapeutic fragrance while you lounge in your home spa. Therapeutic use of essential oils stimulates and reinforces the body’s natural defenses. Only a tiny drop of fragrance is needed to relax, rejuvenate and reinvigorate both body and mind.

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Toll free: 800-944-4935

MediTub Walk-In-Bath Tubs.
MediTub's walk-in bath tubs are accessible and comfortable. MediTub specializes in accessibility and security. Safe transfers in and out of the bath are the most critical part of bathing safely. That is why MediTub offers standard features such as a safety grab bar and an ADA compliant 17" high seat to assist in entering and exiting from the bath.

MediTubs walk-in baths are constructed of the highest grade fiberglass composites for beauty and durability. They come with a stainless steel frame for long lasting strength and adjustable feet for easy installation and leveling.

Available options include a Whirlpool System and/or an Air System. Available colors are White and for some models Biscuit.

The Whirlpool System includes a pneumatic control for the pump, a 1 HP electric water pump motor, 6 adjustable water jets, and a Tee heater. All of the water massage jets have a 360 degree range of motion to provide maximum comfort and versatility. The Tee heater is designed to maintain water temperature during water jet operation, and will not heat cold water to desired bathing temperature.

The Air System includes a pneumatic control for the pump, a 1 HP electric air pump motor, a 300 watt air jet blower with a 600 watt heater, and 16 air jets.

MediTub provides a lifetime warranty on the door seal for the original owner. There is a 10 year limited warranty on the tub.

Phone: 503-255-5005
Toll free: 800-944-4935

The M3238 is 32" x 38" x 38", and is an acryllic tub with an outward swinging door.

The M3053 is a fiberglass composite tub.

30 x 60 x 18 in. step in tub SI3060 series

The SI3060 is a Step in Tub. It is uniquely designed to allow you to keep the existing layout of your bathroom. It features an advanced watertight, walk-in tub door system for easy access. You can lie back and be fully immersed in a whirlpool while relaxing in the salubrious experience. The open interior of the tub is free of any seat which allows for a flat, full bodied submersion. Made of reinforced acrylic, it includes a stainless steel frame for long lasting strength which is adjustable for easy installation and leveling. Go Ahead! Take the plunge and enjoy a luxurious bathing experience!

Available in configurations: Deluxe Hydro or Air. •Deluxe Hydro massage system one horse power pump with directional water jets. The Deluxe whirlpool massages system includes twelve 360° directional water jets. Each individual water jet is also fully adjustable as far as pressure or velocity of water. Hydro system includes Inline Heater rated at 15 Amps 125 Volts AC, 1 Nema Plug.

Phone: 503-255-5005
Toll free: 800-944-4935

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