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Viewpoint Mobility Vision™

Viewpoint Mobility is the maker of the Vision™. The Vision™ is a rear-entry, lowered floor modification that is seamlessly engineered to make Honda, Toyota and Daimler-Chrysler minivans as barrier-free as possible.

Because the Vision is rear-entry, you do not need a handicapped parking spot to enter and exit a Vision van!

The Toyota conversion:

The Honda conversion:

The Dodge conversion:

The Vision™ Modification: The focus of Viewpoint's product line is the Vision™ modification. It is a rear entry modification with lowered floor. The floor is lowered approximately 8 inches, and combined with kneeling, results in an entrance height from the ground of only 6 inches. The Vision™ modification can be installed on all Toyota, Honda and Daimler-Chrysler minivan chassis.

The Vision™ is the ideal vehicle for a family that wishes to include a wheelchair user in their day-to-day travel plans.

Configuration Options: The Vision™ is offered in several different configurations to suit your unique needs:

Manual Conversion - manual hatch and a feather-weight dual-fold aluminum ramp Automatic Conversion - fully automatic rear hatch, power ramp and kneel system Independent Driver - automatic conversion with additional drivers side transfer seat

Seating Options: The Vision™ has many versatile and spacious seating options. For wheelchair users who need or want to be in the front seat, the Vision™ can be delivered with driver or passenger transfer seats. In the rear, it can be set up with OEM captains' chairs, low-profile captains' chairs, or a foldaway bench. The vision has the ability to carry up to 7 passengers!

The beauty of the manual rear entrance lowered floor wheelchair accessible minivan is its simplicity. There are virtually no moving parts to wear out! Simply open the rear hatch and lower the light weight aluminum ramp to the ground and you are ready to go! The ramp is even spring assisted to make it effortless to raise and lower.

The automatic rear entry Vision™ lowered floor minivan allows total independance! Just a press of the button and the rear hatch opens, the ramp unfolds, and the van lowers to the ground. Accessibility couldn't be simpler!

The automatic rear hatch can be triggered using a Keychain remote, hand held remote, or dash mounted switch.

An optional transfer seat to the driver or passenger position is available. Combine this option with a suitable hand control system and the Vision™ is the perfect mobility solution for the independant wheelchair user.

The transfer seat is available with a vinyl slip cover to ease transfer by reducing friction.

The Vision™ has a variety of seating options to suit your unique mobility and capacity requirements.

Driver or Passenger Power Transfer Seat: An optional transfer seat to the driver or passenger position is available. The transfer seat is available with a vinyl slip cover to ease transfer by reducing friction.

Middle row OEM captains chairs: The optional bucket seats allow the wheelchair user to sit beside other passengers in comfort. Original equipment captain's chairs can be remounted or if more width is needed for wider wheelchairs, we offer a narrower bucket seat.

Middle row smaller buckets: Middle row bucket seats allows over 30" of space between the bucket seats for the wheelchair user. The bucket seats are trimmed in fabric, vinyl or leather to blend with the OEM interior colors and patterns.

Folding rear bench: When folded down, the rear bench adds two more seats behind your wheelchair. When folded up, it allows you to get in and out. To fold the bench up, you simply pull a lever the counterbalanced bench easily hides out of the way.

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