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We sell, install and service vehicle lifts. We are a dealer for Bruno, Ricon®, Freedom Lift, and Harmar, and offer many different scooter lifts, power chair lifts, wheelchair lifts and people lifts, for cars, minivans, vans, trucks, RVs and sport utility vehicles. Our vehicle lifts can raise most scooters, wheelchairs, power chairs and people, up to 400 lbs.

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New Lift on Wheels by Bruno

Establishing a new threshold for the transportation of personal mobility devices, scooters and power wheelchairs - Bruno Independent Living Aids has launched the "Chariot", a remarkable, patent pending, lift on wheels that allows a small or mid-size car to transport a scooter or powerchair up to 350 lbs. With its own independent suspension, the Chariot puts minimal additional weight on the rear of the car.

Positioned behind a car equipped with a Class I or Class II receiver hitch, the Chariot uses two wheels that swivel allowing it to follow precisely behind the car; - there is no possibility of a "jackknife" because the Chariot has become an extension of the vehicle. Users of this new lift on wheels do not have to be experienced in handling a trailer. Many people who have test-driven this product remark that they can't 'feel' the load at all.

Bruno Vehicle Lifts
Bruno Vehicle Lifts

These incredible products easily lift, store, and allow transportation of your unoccupied wheelchair, scooter, or powerchair with every type of vehicle. Bruno pioneered and set standards for the vehicle lift industry over 20 years ago, and they continue to be the market leader.

Bruno lifts: options and specifications [CLICK HERE]

Out-Sider® Lift
Out-Sider® Lift

Out-Sider® Meridian Vehicle Lift Model ASL-250 This easy to use product lifts and stores your unoccupied scooter or powerchair outside your vehicle at the touch of a button. Simply roll your mobility device on the platform from either side, hit a button, and let the Meridian do the lifting for you. Scooters and powerchairs are automatically secured when lift is raised. Retractable belts are also available for securement.
Curb-Sider® Lift
Curb-Sider® Lift

Curb-Sider® Vehicle Lift (Telescoping Model) Model VSL-6900 This easy to use product lifts and stores your unoccupied scooter or powerchair inside your vehicle at the touch of a button. Simply connect the docking device, push a button on the hand-held pendant, and let your Curb-Sider do the heavy lifting for you! The Curb-Sider is the world's most popular vehicle lift (over 50,000 sold).
Scooter-Lift II
Scooter-Lift II

Lift and store your fully assembled scooter or wheelchair through either side sliding door of minivans.
Big Lifter
Big Lifter

Simply press a button on the controller and the Big-Lifter raises and lowers your fully assembled power chair weighing up to 300 pounds, allowing you to manually swing it in or out of the vehicle.

Now you can enjoy owing a pickup truck along with the advantage of storing your folding wheelchair inside, out of the weather.

Now you can load your wheelchair or fully-assembled scooter into the bed of your pickup from inside the cab
VMI Ricon® Platform Lifts
VMI Ricon® Platform Lifts

VMI brings you the very best in platform lifts through Ricon®, using this industry leader’s best-in-class manufacturing facility to develop a variety of quality platform lift products designed for any budget. VMI Ricon lifts have been developed for optimum strength and convenience and feature the most current technology available to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Slide-Away Wheelchair Lift Sliding Platform Lift

A revolution in platform lift design, the Slide-Away provides you the strength and durability only available in a dual-post lift, with the flexibility and interior room you need. When using the lift, the sliding second tower travels toward the front of the vehicle, and when not in use it travels toward the rear of the vehicle leaving the side door unobstructed for able-bodied users and providing full use of the front passenger seat. The most innovative platform lift design the industry has seen in a long time. The strength and safety of a dual post lift PLUS the clear access and front passenger seat functionality you thought was only possible with a single post lift. The Slide-Away handicap lift has a rated lifting capacity of 600lbs, with an 800lb. installation kit available for some applications

Clearway Split Platform Lift

The Clearway is designed for optimum accessibility and efficient operation.

The Clearway’s fully automatic split platform folds up and out of the way at the push of a button, leaving the doorway clear, while its strong all-steel frame and powerful hydraulic pump allow quick, reliable operation. Handrails on the frame provide increased comfort and security.

It features a stable, non-skid platform with automatic inboard and outboard rollstops, a built-in manual backup system, pre-lubricated bearings at all major pivot points for durability, and dual-power cylinders for smooth operation. It also includes Sto-Loc™ technology to ensure a quiet ride. An optional power remote control, internal swing door operator and sliding door operator are available for even greater convenience. The Clearway comes with a five-year limited warranty, including hydraulic components, and a one-year warranty on parts and labor.

UNI-lite Electric Lightweight Personal Lift

The UNI-Lite is one of the world's lightest, smoothest and quietest lifts.

The UNI-Lite, which features 1/4”-thin platform and aluminum alloy construction, weighs only 160 pounds, yet it can easily lift as much as 600 pounds. Like all VMI platform lifts, the UNI-Lite combines strength and reliability with features that allow convenience and easy operation. These include an internal swing door operator and sliding door operator, a powered rollstop with mechanical latch, and handrails with control switch. The UNI-Lite also features a built-in manual back-up system and may be equipped with an optional remote control. This affordable lift is easy to maintain and comes with a five-year limited warranty.

Reliant Versatility Lift

The Reliant combines strength and dependability in a unique, compact design.

The Reliant’s trim, compact design allows you to make the most of your interior space, while its strong all-steel frame and powerful hydraulic pump ensure years of dependable use. It also features no-lube bearings at all major pivot points and patented Sto-Lok™ technology that securely locks the platform in the stowed position. This lift is incredibly easy to operate thanks to features such as automatic inboard/outboard rollstops, a non-skid platform, and convenient handrails with a control switch for lowering and raising the lift. The Reliant also includes a built-in manual backup system. It comes with an optional power remote control, internal swing door operator and sliding door operator and is available in a range of dimensions to accommodate scooter lengths of up to 51”. The Reliant is covered by a five-year limited warranty.

The KlearVue Folding Platform Lift

The KlearVue folds to a compact size, giving drivers an unobstructed view of the road. The KlearVue’s unique folding design eliminates hazardous blind spots, providing an unobstructed view for drivers as well as passengers. Its compact design also means no modifications must be made to your vehicle’s roof or door – even when a long platform is necessary for larger wheelchairs and power scooters. It accommodates a 51” platform in a 48” door. This powerful and quiet lift also features a built-in manual back-up system, automatic inboard/outboard rollstops, permanent, and no-lube bearings at all major pivot points.

S-Series Transit Use Lifts

S-Series lifts are exceptional products for commercial use.

VMI S-Series lifts offer a variety of unique features that ensure efficient, safe and comfortable travel. This quiet, lightweight and compact design includes standee handrails and occupant safety belts for added security, inboard and outboard mechanical rollstops for ease of operation and Sto-Lok™ technology to ensure a quiet ride. Additional features include stainless steel fittings and lubrication-free bearings. The affordably priced S-Series lifts comply with all applicable ADA standards and come with a five-year limited warranty.

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