Here is what some of our customers have to say:

Again, I am so impressed with you company’s service! The guys came by today and let us know that they can install a straight rail stair lift, and gave an approximate estimate on the cost. They told my husband and I that you would be emailing us with the actual cost.

I want to thank you again, the guys that were here, were very nice and professional. The reason I am so impressed by your company is, I have been dealing with a lot of businesses lately, and have found that if I don’t turn into a very demanding, angry b_ch, (excuse the language please), I get no answers to questions, and end up getting service not worth my time.

You should be proud of the way you handle your business. I don’t always give this much information, nor do I give a lot of compliments, but I feel the need to compliment you when the service is far beyond what I have experienced lately. Thank you! One more time! AC

Greetings: Couldn’t get by without personally thanking you for taking such good care of hearing and meeting the needs of my in-laws. The lift chair is classy looking and C feels quite special reclining in it. It’s also a G-d send as it makes things so much easier for his wife to assist in getting him in and out of the chair. All in One Mobility is fortunate to have such a valued employee. AK

Everyone loves my Go Go scooter and so do I. I was just at Winco in the parking lot and this lady loved that it broke down into 5 pieces and was easy to put in the car. I gave her your guys name and number. Hopefully she will check you out. Best days of my life was from buying this scooter from you guys. Thank you so much. IO

Richard: Thank you for your quick response. I received the water retainer on Saturday. Wow! Two days. So fast … and on a holiday weekend. Very pleased with your customer service … your extended explanation of the water retainer and the installation. I must add, the company sales representative who took my phone call was [knowledgeable] in what constitutes “good customer service” … and extremely efficient. I thought she drove the retainer down from Oregon herself. MR

They made sure every single question I had was answered, and are always available if I think of any more questions I want answered. Their staff is the most friendly, welcoming staff I’ve ever dealt with. They are so warm and professional, and make the whole experience that much better. I was so impressed with the progress I was able to make after visiting them. All my questions were answered, and I feel a lot more confident and hopeful about the future. The office was very easy to locate. I didn’t have any trouble finding it at all. I will absolutely return. I had an amazing experience, and they were by far the best I’ve ever seen.

I have knee and back issues that made walking difficult. The fact that I am also a very big man needing something heavy duty made things even more difficult. All In One helped me immensely, helped me find the right scooter to meet my needs and, because I had an immediate need they actually sold me the floor model at a very reasonable price. That was about a year ago, and my Pride Maxima get me everywhere I need to go. Taking in on the MAX is easy (it’s a bit too wide to be comfortable on a bus, but a smaller scooter work just fine). I get out and go more not than I have in years. Very satisfied (and grateful) customer. JS

Hi Richard: Thank you so much for all your help. Wayne and Alex did a fantastic job and Dad is very pleased with the workmanship. Thanks again for a job well done. P

To James: Thank you so much for what you did on my wheelchair. It seems like a new chair. No rattling, no rolling on ice feeling, just feeling like I can trust it again. A good start for a new year! Thanks. CS

All In One Mobility provided the best and complete service selling the Bliss Tub to me. All questions answered and information on installation was complete and every concern was shown to me in purchasing the tub for my needs. I highly recommend All In One Mobility to my friends for excellent service and quality of tub purchased. NB

Thank you so much. Words cannot really express how much we appreciated all of you last Friday. I am sorry to say that neither S nor I could remember all of your names. I can tell you the things we appreciated or noticed.

All of you were obviously there for the person(s) who were looking at mobility equipment and other items. You were knowledgeable about each product, able to provide product brochures and could personalize the equipment itself. The lift chairs came in various sizes and were plugged in and ready for use. The power chair batteries were charged. The door into the store was handicap accessible and so was the bathroom. The isles were wide and there was ample room to try the power scooters and chairs. You had more than one brand of chair, and had companies’ with reliable chairs available. You took the time to answer any question. You all stayed late and no one reminded us you closed at 5 or asked me to hurry up and make a decision or to quit trying things more than once. You went out to the parking lot to see if people needed help getting into the store. You were all cheerful.

I heard the person on the phone talking about what you had and providing information about other places to look if you could not provide what they were looking for. There was no sense of you need to buy what you need from us, but rather let me help you find what you are looking for.

The person with the cool purple framed glasses that did get lunch on time adjusted the foot pedal on the chair, gave us brochures, and answered multiple questions. Double checked which arm I want the joy stick on since I changed my mind, and pushed me out to the car when we left.

Christina who still had not had lunch at 3 was also awesome. Told me she could plug in one of the lift chairs if it was not plugged in. Told me which showers were smooth and would hold suction grab bars. Adjusted the arms of the power chair we purchased for me so they were more ergonomically correct. Took us to an office so S could see how it would fit for my desk at work. Showed S how to take the chair apart and put it back together, gave him time to practice, and loaded the chair in our car. It did not “click” with me until I saw your business card at home that you are the manager of the store. You have all obviously worked on customer service and are very good at it.

I have had MS for 23 years and felt like a kid at the candy store in there. Give our prior experiences with home medical facilities once I started needing their services, I could have cried when I walked in the door. S not only researched power chairs, but places to go look at them. I also looked online, and the chair we purchased was the one I found and liked. It fits our Fit, and I don’t have to get a lift for the chair.

With a smile on my face, I haven’t taken chunks out of the woodwork yet, am remembering to shut it off, and haven’t broken my joy stick. Going backwards in a straight line has been the most challenging. Am practicing at home before I take it to my office, and will take it one evening after there will be less people to watch. Thank you again. N.

Words alone cannot express my satisfaction with the quality and service of my Golden Sport. The entire staff should be complimented on the service I was shown not only before the sale but afterwards as well. Having owned my own men and boys department store for 37 years, I know quality and service. I sold my business in 1985, its still running as ____ department store. Quality of product and excellent service is what All In One has shown me. This was a wonderful purchase to me as I did not want to admit my need. Thanks again for your help. PD

Thank you so much for a prompt and “super” job fixing H’s power chair. DP

Hello Christina & Jody - I just want to express my sincere appreciation for the wonderful job you did from start to finish regarding the sale and installation of the stair lift at my mother's house in ... Washington. Your level of professionalism and the quality of work you did on the install of the lift was superb. It is so nice to work with a contractor who follows through on their commitments. I realize it took a period of time for us to make a final decision regarding contract award, but you remained extremely responsive all the way through the process and answered all our questions which was very helpful. My mother loves the stair lift. Again, thank you for your time and effort. Sincerely KKM&J.

Mr. Robin, I had the opportunity to meet both Ryan and Ross on a Wheelchair Lift Problem at our church. Our church is, LFE Church located at ... As our church has many seniors that depend greatly on the wheelchair lift, keeping it operational is of the utmost importance. I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with Ryan who I worked with initially, and later Ross, when it became a two man job based on lifting. These are two of the finest examples, or Hard Working, Self-Management, Team Players, Trouble shooters, and "All Around" Exemplary men, that I have had the opportunity to meet in a long time. These two Gentlemen were able to do what ___ elevator has never been able to do. I just cannot put into words, how bless, myself and our church is that both Ryan and Ross were able to fix our wheelchair lift, and to meet two fine men, especially prior to the holidays. You truly have two Very Fine "Second to None" Employees, which from being in business myself, are very rare to find. Respectfully JP

Managers: Please be advised, I'd like to give a compliment to two of your companies' employees. I'm not the customer to your company, but I drove a friend to your store. My friend was very emotional and quite rude to your employees. At first I couldn't believe her, but she's very depressed and quite handicapped. That's still no excuse, for her to be difficult. Your company should be proud of Adam and Jemal. They both handled my friend with dignity and very professional. Adam talked to her so kind, he calmed her down with his personality and the way he handled the situation. I was very amazed. I'm a retired nurse, and truly believe employees like your company has, should be extremely proud of them. They both touched my life that day in such a positive way. As always, JB.

Richard: We are enjoying our walk-in shower. It was a privilege doing business with All In One Mobility. Sincerely D&V D.

Christina: Thanks for helping us with this. Your knowledge, kindness and consideration went a long way to helping him become more mobile. CJ

We are grateful for your donation of mobility equipment to Estonia. Your donation is going to an organization that lends out mobility equipment free of charge to handicapped and elderly residents of Estonia. In this way your donation will benefit many people for a long time. Many, many thanks! Sincerely LM.

Dear Mr. Forlenza and Mr. Robin: It is such a pleasure for me to write this letter regarding the most prompt and professional service provided by the staff at All In One Mobility. Christina and Ken were wonderful. Due to my stepfather's illness he has days in which he has extreme difficulty negotiating the stairs in his home. Fearing for the safety of my mother and stepfather, I asked Christina and Ken if there was any way to get the stair lift installed earlier that the original five week estimate. Once Christina and Ken understood the difficulties my parents face in the home, they were terrific about contacting the manufacturing facility to discern the anticipated manufacturing and delivery time. Apparently Ken did a fantastic job of measuring, photographing, and providing all the necessary information so that the manufacturing process would begin immediately. Christina has been so patient and helpful in answering my questions, as well as calling the manufacturing facility to check on the status of the manufacturing process. The installation was accomplished in such a professional manner. Mr. Forlenza and Mercedes did a fantastic job. They worked tirelessly to accomplish the job and left the work site absolutely immaculate. My mother is deeply impressed. My stepfather was so excited to have the stair lift installed so quickly. He has already used it several times. All of us are so relieved to know that he can have safe access to all areas of the house. Despite this being a very difficult time for my family, Christina and Ken have been instrumental in making our family transition easier. I cannot thank all of you enough for all you [have] done for us. All In One Mobility delivers more than a product. You deliver peace of mind. With gratitude, GY

Ken: Thanks to you, your office staff and L at Superior, I'll be able to live independently in my home. That's a blessing. DCM

You have a wonderful heart ... because of you I have a wheelchair! Thank you so much for your generous gift. My mom was just trying to make the old goodwill chair work a little better and we end up with a beautiful chair. Thanks again. J

Hi Richard: We spoke about two weeks ago - I live in Coqutilam BC (just outside Vancouver). I ordered one of your collapsible water dams (in tan) for my wife's bathroom shower makeover. I wanted to let you know that it arrived last Friday and I finally opened the box last night (Wed). You've created an amazing product - all of the creases in the bends (where it was folded to fit into the box), disappeared as soon as I pulled it out of the box. I'm quite impressed, and I'm sure our general contractor will be as well when he sees it. Thanks again for the excellent service - and good luck breaking into the Canadian market! LW

Dear Chris: Thank you for donating the time and labor of your company to install the replacement hand controls which were stolen from the rehab car at the Portland VA Medical Center. We appreciate the support you provide to our veterans by give of yourselves so generously. ... You can take comfort in the knowledge that your kindness will provide continued support to our veterans. It is reassuring to us at the Department of Veteran Affairs that the brave men and women who fought for this country are remembered in such a caring way. Sincerely, AMM, Department of Veteran Affairs Medical Center, Portland.

We just want to tell you that All In One Mobility is Top Notch! Thanks for all your help with our Make a Wish Trip - a great time was had by all! N

Dear Maria: We were pleased with our experience in purchasing a scooter. We are the folks who picked up the last scooter on Saturday last!! Maria, you were very knowledgeable and proficient. It was a pleasure to have such a fine sales person to deal with, anymore it gets harder and harder to have customer service as we know it to be. Rest assured we will have no hesitation in recommending “All In One” – Thank you again and best of luck. DD

Dear Christina: We were so pleased with the entire transaction in purchasing a scooter. Let me tell you “customer service” is certainly evident in our dealings with “All In One” – So often there are glaring flaws when customer service is lacking. Maria is a gem, hold on to her. Thank you for the smiles, thank you for the attitudes, we wish you every success. DD.

Hi Chris, Jody, Jemal & Christina: I know this note is way overdue – wanted to say thank you so much for all your help and kindness to J and me when we bought our great new van and, most important, the “Hum-Vee” (as J calls my super power chair). Hope you all have a great rest of 2006. Thank you again. MG

Dear Richard: We love our new no-barrier shower. Your workers did an excellent job and were very polite, steady workers who really know their stuff. We are more than happy with your support and help with making sure that we got the proper unit for D. He has fallen so much in our old tub/shower unit and we are both looking forward to using our new shower. I will be able to help him and more important he will be able to help himself which is so important. Thank you for the recommendation of the bed unit… it has made such a difference to D’s ability to turn over and get into bed and out of bed without me lifting on him. He was so happy to be able to pull himself out of bed this am. I was happy to pay the more than reasonable price for this unit… thanks for thinking of us and D’s disability. You folks really make it your business to know your clients and their needs. Believe us when we say than you for the bottom of our hearts. Could you please enclose a copy of this with your final invoice… VA wants to know how we like the unit and if we are satisfied with the work. We are. MG

Jemal: Thank you so much for your kindness and help in doing the blinker switch over today. You are all a fine example of great employees. Please treat your tech and receptionist to a foot long on a sunny day. CH

Dear All In One Mobility staff – Just a note of thanks for your Town & Country van you had for us for our Make-A-Wish trip. The vehicle was absolutely perfect for our needs, and all of you were great at the office. We had a great week in the Portland area and N’s wish met all of his expectations. Everything went of without a hitch and we have memories to last a lifetime. Thank you so much for all of your help – your generosity is much appreciated. NT

All In One Mobility – J and I want to thank you again for your help while our lift was down. Your good attitude and competent help was much appreciated. We are glad the Voyager lift does the job. In this Thanksgiving season, we want to thank g-d for people like you. JS

Thank you for your help and kindness. CI

Chris – Thank you for helping us so patiently last month – the ramp works perfectly for us and I’m less hesitant to have mom over. We used it twice during the holidays which made a big difference. I am passing on your card and brochure. All the best and thanks again for helping us get what worked. MD

To everyone at All In One Mobility, thanks so much for all you have done for V and I. We are grateful for your service and helpfulness to us. Thanks again. B & V

Thank you so much for your excellent service! You are all so accommodating and helpful and nice! It’s a pleasure having All In One Mobility work on my van. KA

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