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Symmetry Elevating Solutions

Symmetry Wheelchair Lifts

Symmetry Elevating Solutions understands that accessibility is important. All of their lift products are designed to overcome architectural barriers. Whether at home or your place of business, if you need access, a vertical wheelchair lift is your solution.

What makes the Symmetry Wheelchair Lift unique and industry leading?

  • USA owned and operated manufacturer
  • Engineered to allow cost effective repairs
  • Industry leading 4 year warranty
  • ONLY Vertical Wheelchair Lift using the patented A.W.A.R.E.TM Diagnostics System: Active Wiring, Accessories, Relay & Electronics Diagnosis System (A.W.A.R.E.) is a fully functional on-board diagnostics system to manage and monitor every critical function of the lift. Available only through your local Symmetry Distributor.
  • Classy in appearance, whisper quiet, energy saving, environmentally friendly
  • Unsurpassed in safety precautions

  • Phone: 503-255-5005
    Toll free: 800-944-4935

    Symmetry's commitment to beautiful craftsmanship, expert engineering, thoughtful construction, and affordability means Symmetry Elevating Solutions provides the wheelchair lift of choice.

    Model Types
    The VPC-UL (Unenclosed Model)

    The Unenclosed vertical platform lift (wheelchair lift) designed for lifting heights up to 60”. Versatile enough for indoor or outdoor use, this unit can either be mounted directly to the floor or in a shallow pit.

    The VPC- SL (Shaftway Model)

    The Shaftway vertical platform lift (wheelchair lift) is installed in a shaftway or hoistway built by others. The lift platform and drive tower are located within the shaftway, while each landing consists of a door or gate, integral to the operation of the lift. At the uppermost landing, the shaftway can extend all the way to the ceiling or to a minimum of 42” beyond the upper landing, for a more “open” application.

    Phone: 503-255-5005
    Toll free: 800-944-4935

    The VPC-EL (Enclosure Model)

    The Enclosure vertical platform lift (wheelchair lift) travels up and down within its own, self-contained enclosure. The enclosure can either have an “open” look with a 42” tall gate and enclosure extension above the upper landing, or be fully enclosed complete with full-height doors, roof and ventilation system for outdoor applications. In addition to the drive tower, lift platform, and enclosure, this unit also has landing doors and/or gates that are fully integrated into the walls themselves.


    The Hybrid looks and feels like an elevator, but operates like a lift. Available in many different sizes and configurations, features include a full height cab, non-load bearing ceiling and a wide variety of optional features and finishes. Customize the doors and cab to match the style and décor of your commercial facility or home.

    Residential Elevators

    While home elevators have been seen as a luxury item in the past, today's home elevators are much more of a necessity. With our aging population the use of a home elevator for mobility and moving large objects is now the norm in multi-level construction. The home elevator can provide a safe and convenient way to get between floors. With capacities of 950 lbs. and cab sizes from 15 square feet up to 18 square feet, home elevators provide solutions to make your home more livable.

    Whether you're looking at new construction or retrofitting an existing home, you're looking for craftsmanship and long-term quality. Symmetry can provide both. All their elevators are custom-built, designed and made in America. The people who designed Symmetry's residential elevators are members of the National Association of Elevator Contractors, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Better Business Bureau, the Associated Contractors and other industry organizations.

    They have spent more than 30 years selling, servicing and installing elevators, and have taken that experience and designed the best residential elevator available. Symmetry's design team has installed and serviced elevators for decades. We've seen what works, what doesn't and what works better. Their unmatched experience means you'll get the very best product and service - PERIOD. Symmetry Elevating Solutions is committed to meeting the needs of their customers.

    Phone: 503-255-5005
    Toll free: 800-944-4935

    At Symmetry Elevating Solutions, the product lines are carefully chosen. Every product is hand selected and subject to rigorous standards before being accepted by the Symmetry team. For this reason, Symmetry has chosen to work with a manufacturer who builds elevators exclusively for Symmetry.

    Symmetry's commitment to beautiful craftsmanship, expert engineering, thoughtful construction, and affordability means Symmetry Elevating Solutions provides the best products available. You, our client gets to share in that high quality value. Select a Symmetry Elevating Solutions residential elevator and you have selected the best product available for you family and home.

Phone: 503-255-5005
Toll free: 800-944-4935

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