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Power Wheelchairs

We sell and service power wheelchairs by WHILL, Journey Health & Lifestyle, Geo Cruiser, Golden Technologies, Innovation in Motion, Merits, Pride Mobility, Drive Medical and others.

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Visit our showroom to see and try different models on display. We are near the Portland Airport.
Power Wheelchairs starting at $1699.

No doctors' visits, no prescriptions, no rental periods ... take it home today.

Journey Zoomer™ Power Folding Chair One-Handed Control

The Journey Zoomer is a folding power chair that puts your mobility at your fingertips. With easy one-handed joystick control and extreme portability, Zoomer works indoors and out to help you go almost anywhere your heart desires. Now you can take that "roll" in the park you miss or shop until you drop without slowing down.

  • The Zoomer is not a traditional scooter or power chair but a personal electric vehicle—and the future of battery-powered transportation
  • The 33.4" turning radius means it turns on a dime; this means you can easily navigate it in small spaces
  • Five speed settings, with speeds ranging from 0 to 3.7 mph
  • Only 49.8 lbs with the battery (45.8 lbs without) compared to other power chairs that weigh 100+ lbs
  • At 25" wide, Zoomer fits through all standard ADA-compliant door frames of 32" wide
  • Can go up all ADA-compliant ramps of 5° (and up to 10° if needed)
  • Padded armrests and the joystick fit below ADA-compliant tables and desks
  • Foam seat cushion; can buy additional cushion for more comfort
  • Easy folding with a single pull release cable; once folded, it fits into the backseat or trunk of a car and can be wheeled like a piece of luggage
  • Comes assembled and never has to be disassembled
  • Joystick can be mounted on the left- or right-hand armrest
  • Swing-away footplate so you can exit safely and easily
  • Can be manually pushed when chair is not in use and unlocked
  • Having solid tires mean you never have to inflate them
  • FAA approved—Now you can take that dream trip you always wanted. Take your Zoomer right up to the gate, remove the battery and carry it onto the plane, and the airline will take your Zoomer to stow it below. As you come off of the plane, you can get right back in your Zoomer and Zoom through the airport with ease
  • Traveling up to 3.7 mph means you can keep up with friends, loved ones and pets as you use your Zoomer
  • Rear anti-tip wheels to prevent tipping while going over bumps or inclines
  • Electromagnetic brake system automatically stops the Zoomer when the joystick is released
  • Rechargeable 24 V, 8.76Ah lithium ion, suitable for 110/220 V outlets
  • Eight miles of use on a single charge (contingent on weight capacity); charges in 4.5 hours or less
  • Battery is charged while in place inside the chair via a port below the joystick control panel

With the easy one-handed joystick, you can move in your Zoomer anywhere you want.

At home you can ride right up to the table and then go outside with ease over gravel or grass.

The Zoomer can go up to eight miles on one charge, so you can go anywhere without running out of power.

The Zoomer folds down to only 12". Just pull the release cable, and it will fold up and fit into any backseat or trunk.

The Zoomer has a 33.4" turning radius, so you can make tight turns in cramped indoor spaces. Get moving wherever you are.

Journey Zoomer™ Lite Power Folding Chair One-Handed Control

Now it's even LIGHTER!! The Journey Zoomer Lite is just like Journey's Zoomer™ Chair but is much lighter and the parts are removable for easy transporting. It is a power chair that puts mobility at your fingertips with its easy one-handed control. And, just like the Zoomer Chair, the Zoomer Lite works indoors and out to help you go almost anywhere your heart desires.

Golden Technologies

LiteRider Envy
The world’s lightest, most transportable and maneuverable cash retail power chair is the Golden LiteRider Envy GP162! Designed with the end-user and their caregivers in mind, the LiteRider Envy can be disassembled in just seconds to easily fit in the trunk of virtually any car.

The heaviest piece weighs only 35 lbs to easily be lifted into the back of a vehicle. The LiteRider Envy offers a comfortable ride all day long, with a stadium-style seat and a generous footplate, plus bigger 22 amp hour batteries (now standard) so you can go further than ever before!

When you’re looking for a compact power chair that’s easy to transport and fun to drive, look no further than the Golden LiteRider Envy!


Merits Vision Super Heavy Duty Power Chair

The Vision Super Heavy Duty Power Chair by Merits Health brings the convenient and tight maneuvering of a mid-wheel power chair to a heavy duty power chair. Ideal for users needing a higher weight capacity, the Vision Super Heavy Duty Power Chair will help you maintain your independence while going the distance.

The Vision Super Heavy Duty Power Chair was designed with durability and comfort in mind. The full front and rear suspension and 12-inch pneumatic drive wheels give you a smooth ride while easily negotiating different types of terrain. The 22-inch wide Captain’s Seat with a semi-reclining backrest ensures you stay supported and comfortable while driving up to 20 miles in a single charge.

The Vision Super Heavy Duty also offers an optional power seat upgrade that provides a full 10" of elevation, raising from 24" off the ground up to 34". The power elevating seat must be ordered with a 20" wide seat and offers a weight capacity of 400lbs. High up shelves, tall counters, and so many other items that once seemed out of your reach, are now accessible!

Maneuverability and drivability are not compromised by the Vision Super’s heavy duty construction. The mid-wheel power chair features a tight, 20.7-inch turning radius, allowing you to maneuver in smaller spaces with ease. The dual in-line motors of the Vision Super Heavy Duty Power Chair ensure enhanced torque, efficiency and performance.

  • Weight capacity: P327: 450lbs P3274: 400lbs
  • Real mid-wheel-drive design for tight space maneuverability
  • Dual in-line motors for enhanced efficiency, torque, range and performance
  • Full front and rear suspension for easy obstacle climb and enhanced performance on varied terrain
  • 12" knobby tires and optimum weight distribution provide superior traction
  • Dynamic Shark fully programmable controller
  • Off board charger and 4-post seat with semi-reclining backrest
  • NF-22 batteries for maximum range
  • Stable base: Footplate is rated to hold 350lbs and rear casters will not tip
  • 2 color shrouds in box red/blue
  • 2 full length arms
  • All back-contoured seat
  • Footplate: 13.5"w x 12.5"d
  • Options: Elevating Leg-rest, Oxygen tank holder, Gel cushion, Swing away joystick, Height adjustable armrests

Merits Vision Sport power chair.

This latest model is designed for specific practical user needs, combining solid, rugged construction, and modern high-tech electronics, to enhance safety and performance. With a state-of-the-art, programmable electronic control system, this power-base wheelchair can be programmed and adjusted within a given range of its performance characteristics, to suit your individual needs.

You may wish to customize the settings to fit your own personal preferences. A wide range of customization options can be adjusted such as acceleration, deceleration, maximum speed, turning speed, safety controls, better maneuverability of the joystick, and so on.


  • Weight capacity: 300lbs
  • Full suspension
  • No rear tipping on footplate standing (up to 250lbs)
  • Dual in-line motors for enhanced efficiency, torque, range and performance
  • Semi-reclining back
  • Optional accessories: elevating legrests, oxygen tank holder, cane & crutch holder, walker holder, foldable rear basket, canopy and variety of color fenders, swing away joystick, height adjustable arms

Pride Mobility

The Pride Jazzy Air
At the touch of a switch, the Jazzy Air® 2 elevates 12” in just 11 seconds. With a sleek, more modern look, this power chair safely drives at speeds up to 4 mph while elevated, allowing users to enjoy face-to-face social engagement.

Experience living your life at new heights. First impressions happen only once, and the engineers at Pride Mobility considered all the ones you make when they designed the Jazzy Air 2.

Featuring a captain’s chair seat that elevates up to 12 inches, lifting you eye to eye during a conversation. Accelerate your power chair safely, up to 4 mph, in the elevated position, so you can move about your day shoulder to shoulder with your peers.

Beyond the clear personal advantage, the Jazzy Air 2 offers functional benefits. Countertops and cabinets, clothing racks, and upper shelves at the supermarket suddenly enter your realm of reach.

The Jazzy Air 2 has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds and a maximum battery life that powers you along for up to 19.2 miles on a single charge.

A power chair for both the corporate go-getter and busy homemaker. Exclusive Mid-Wheel 6® Technology and Active-Trac Suspension provide enhanced performance and maximum stability indoors and out in the open air. Streamlined controls let you adjust your height to full reach in just 11 seconds.

So, whether you're public speaking at a podium or setting the dinner table for pizza night, you can rest assured you'll be at the right height.

Pride went a little "extra" with standard features that include brilliant LED floor lights to illuminate the path in front of you. The captain’s chair reclines and armrests adjust in and out for a truly customizable comfort experience. You may also choose from a number of seat sizes to ensure your Jazzy Air 2 power chair fits you.

  • 300 lbs. weight capacity
  • 24.25" turning radius
  • Up to 4 mph maximum speed (elevated and non-elevated)
  • Up to 19.2 miles per charge
  • Fast Rise: 12” of power adjustable seat height in 11 seconds
  • Mid-Wheel 6® with Active-Trac® Suspension provides enhanced performance and maximum stability both indoors and out
  • Bright LED lighting for visibility in all environments
  • High-back or solid seat pan, reclining sport seat. Seat features 2” of depth adjustment. Choice of 16”x16”-18”, 18”x18”-20”, 20”x20”-22”
  • Angle, height and depth adjustable armrests
  • Angle height adjustable headrest
  • Newly re-designed lift features 2" lower seat-to-floor height, enabling user to sit comfortably at standard table or desk, raises and lowers by using the Air switch or VR2 joystick
  • Integrated foot platform with rubber insert and 2" of adjustment for comfort in both the elevated and non-elevated positions
  • Single-sided caster forks for enhanced maneuverability
  • Under seat front storage compartment keeps your valuables accessible

Innovation in Motion

The Frontier V6 is a highly versatile series of 5 mid-wheel chairs and rear and front-wheel drive chairs. With 1 base and 7 configurations, the V6 can fit any lifestyle without boundaries.

The AT is an all-terrain mid-wheel drive that provides tremendous off road capability, as well as versatility to maneuver indoors. With new 3 spoke alloy wheels and stronger than ever, heavy duty motors, this package will impress even the most active individual.

For those who want something a little less rugged, but wish to have the range for outdoor capability, the Hybrid with 14" drive wheels and grey heavy-duty casters is the natural choice. Other configurations are available

WHILL Model Ci Personal EV The New Era of Personal Mobility Has Finally Arrived. The WHILL Model Ci is a revolutionary approach to power mobility that uniquely boosts user confidence and evokes an active, can-do lifestyle. Its premium performance and superb engineering provides versatility and reliability to experience all-day adventures.

The Model Ci comes with two powerful motors, WHILL’s patented front omni-wheels, easy-to-use controllers, the ability to quickly disassemble into three lightweight parts, and the latest in technology to ensure an active and independent lifestyle. Climb curbs of 2”, enjoy up to 10 mile range and speeds up to 5 MPH, and many other incredible benefits that only a WHILL Personal EV can provide.

Key Benefits:
  • Enjoy a 45% smaller turning radius than traditional tiller operated devices with WHILL’s patented front omni-wheels
  • Simply and safely navigate confined spaces with a small footprint
  • Store compactly in any hallway or room
  • Power up inclines up to 10 degrees
  • Climb over obstacles up to 2”
  • Stay active longer with up to 10 miles per charge
  • Get there faster with a top speed of 5 MPH
  • Ride smoothly with two, independent suspensions
  • Easily disassemble into three lightweight parts for transport in any vehicle
  • Control and manage speed settings with the WHILL Model Ci iPhone app
  • Lock/Unlock your device with the WHILL Smart Key or iPhone app
  • Charge your mobile devices with a built-in USB charging port
  • Ensure your Model Ci is operating at its best with key device statistics, such as battery health, available in the WHILL app
  • Avoid hazards with audible messages that notify you when operational errors occur
  • Be heard with a built-in horn
  • Stop smooth and safely with two electromagnetic brakes; also eliminates unwanted forward and backward rolling
  • Confidently navigate side slopes with an anti-sway function that keeps the device driving straight
  • Simply access the seat with arms that rotate up and out of the way
  • Be seen day or night with a sleek LED rear tail light
  • Anti-tip bars create greater stability than scooters or wheelchairs

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