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VMI  Dodge/Chrysler Vans

Since their introduction almost a decade ago, VMI wheelchair accessible mini van conversions have been consistently recognized as America's Favorite. VMI has earned its reputation as a premier provider of transportation solutions because of their unwavering commitment to building the most technologically advanced, comfortable and reliable solutions available. With a full line of wheelchair accessible van conversions for Chrysler, Dodge and Honda mini vans, we are sure to offer the solution that is right for you.

360 degree view of a 2010 VMI Dodge Northstar
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Dodge/Chrysler Northstar
Dodge/Chrysler Northstar

The Northstar, introduced in 1993 as the first to offer an in-floor ramp system, is the flagship of the VMI lineup. The 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan with the VMI Northstar Conversion and the Chrysler Town & Country with the VMI Northstar Conversion are now available. The 2010 offers more headroom, more wheelchair maneuverability, more safety and new styling.

Additional specifications are below:
  • This conversion has an improved door height of 55 1/2", a significant increase from the 2007 Dodge/Chrysler conversions with the VMI Northstar
  • This vehicle incorporates an 11" lowered floor, increasing headroom with no deterioration in ground clearance
  • Maximized front seating area accommodates the largest new power wheelchairs in either the driver or passenger positions
  • The lowered floor area has been increased over 9% (450 square inches) compared to the 2007 Dodge/Chysler Northstar conversions, substantially improving wheelchair maneuverability
  • SURE DEPLOY™ is standard on the 2010 Dodge/Chrysler Northstar conversions. SURE DEPLOY™ is a primary backup system that provides a simple way to operate the VMI Northstar ramp when the standard electronic control system has failed
  • Maximum floor drop is 11"
  • Vehicle ground clearance is 5 1/2"
  • Door opening height is 55 1/2"
  • Door opening width is 30 5/8"
  • Ramp length is 49"
  • Usable ramp width is 29 1/2"
  • Ramp capacity is 600 LBS
  • Ramp angle with PowerKneel™ is 8 degrees
  • Overall floor length is 88"
  • Length from back of seats to kickplate is 60"
  • Floor width at front doors is 60 1/2"
  • Interior height at center position is 58 1/2"
  • Interior height at drivers & passengers position is 58" (without sunroof)
  • Steering wheel bottom to floor is 29 1/2"
  • Measured down from front edge of steering wheel to front kick-up is 16 1/4"


VMI’s Summit conversion combines Northstar technology with an innovative fold out ramp system. This unique design makes operation so effortless it can be opened or closed with one hand. All of the mechanical components are hidden from your view providing you with maximum maneuverability. The Summit's user-friendly One-Touch remote control operation gives you the freedom you need to live an active lifestyle.

Northstar "E" Series
Northstar "E" Series

Designed as an economical version of the Northstar, the Northstar E-Series is the most economical van conversion in the VMI family. The Northstar E-Series offers a fully manual ramp system, perfect for wheelchair users with assistance.

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