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Wheelchair Vans

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We sell and service new and used Honda, Toyota, Dodge and Chrysler wheelchair vans with conversions by ElDorado National, Vantage Mobility International (VMI), Viewpoint Mobility (Vision), Freedom Motors and others. All ElDorado National wheelchair vans are ADA compliant.

VA Automobile Allowance & Auto Adaptive Equipment Benefit – The Automobile Allowance is a one-time grant provided to eligible veterans to purchase a new or used vehicle. The maximum grant amount is $18,900. To be eligible for this grant a veteran must have a service-connected loss. The Auto Adaptive Equipment program provides the means to adapt vehicles to accommodate a veteran’s disability. Veterans with service-connected and non-service-connected losses may be eligible for the Auto Adaptive Equipment benefit. As an example, for a new wheelchair van that costs $49,000, a veteran with a service-connected loss may only need to pay around $6,000 out of pocket for the vehicle. All In One Mobility sells the chassis for our cost. In this example a new chassis after rebates may cost $25,000 minus the grant of $18,900 leaving a balance due from the veteran of $6,100. The VA Auto Adaptive Equipment benefit may pay for the full cost of the conversion of in this example $24,000. Approval for these programs must be obtained from the VA. Please contact us for additional details.

We have an on premises service center to maintain and repair all major manufacturers' equipment.

Service and repair rates are $105 per hour for all vehicle related repairs, service and installations.

Phone (Portland): 503-255-5005,
Phone (Eugene): 541-246-8665,
Toll free: 800-944-4935

Low Rate and Long Term Financing is available.
Full financing for chassis and conversion.

We buy used wheelchair vans and will pick them up at your location.

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Eldorado National - Amerivan & Mission
Eldorado National - Amerivan & Mission

Setting new standards for quality engineering, creative design and meticulous craftsmanship, the Amerivan provides practical solutions to today's mobility challenges.

2011 Toyota Sienna Amerivan (side entry) and Mission (rear entry). The 2011 Toyota Sienna with an ElDorado National stainless steel lowered floor wheelchair van conversion is the only side entry Toyota that is ADA compliant. All ElDorado National minivan conversions are ADA compliant.

The Amerivan is built to last, just like ElDorado National's legendary bus products. ElDorado manufactures commercial buses (including the para-transit buses in Portland) and ADA compliant minivans. ElDorado National is a subsidiary of Thor Industries, a U.S. company listed on the NYSE with annual sales over $2.5 billion.

VMI  Dodge/Chrysler Vans
VMI  Dodge/Chrysler Vans

Since their introduction almost a decade ago, VMI wheelchair accessible mini van conversions have been consistently recognized as America's Favorite. VMI has earned its reputation as a premier provider of transportation solutions because of their unwavering commitment to building the most technologically advanced, comfortable and reliable solutions available.

VMI Specifications (click here)

With a full line of wheelchair accessible van conversions for Chrysler, Dodge and Honda mini vans, we are sure to offer the solution that is right for you. All VMI wheelchair vans are fully crash-tested and come with comprehensive warranty coverage in addition to the manufacturer's warranty.

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Honda Odyssey VMI Northstar
Honda Odyssey VMI Northstar

Honda Odyssey with the VMI Northstar Conversion lowered floor wheelchair van now offered by All In One Mobility, Portland, Oregon.

  • More Interior Room
  • Lower Ramp Angle
  • More Headroom

The Honda Odyssey conversion minivan with the VMI Northstar conversion is the industry's best side entry, lowered floor premium conversion minivan. The Honda Odyssey has been handed down many awards, including the IntelliChoice "Best Overall Van of the Year". By taking the best-in-class minivan and modifying it with the finest conversion available, VMI has merged the best of both worlds. The Honda Odyssey packs a 244-hp engine that propels it to the head of the class; and the latest innovative Honda engineering at its core. The VMI Northstar conversion has long been viewed as the leader in the lowered floor conversion minivan industry for both quality and reliability, and is time tested with over 12 years in service.

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Viewpoint Mobility Vision™
Viewpoint Mobility Vision™

Viewpoint Mobility is the maker of the Vision™. The Vision™ is a rear-entry, lowered floor modification that is seamlessly engineered to make Honda, Toyota and Daimler-Chrysler minivans as barrier-free as possible.

Because the Vision is rear-entry, you do not need a handicapped parking spot to enter and exit a Vision van!

The Toyota conversion:

The Honda conversion:

The Dodge conversion:

The Vision™ Modification: The focus of Viewpoint's product line is the Vision™ modification. It is a rear entry modification with lowered floor. The floor is lowered approximately 8 inches, and combined with kneeling, results in an entrance height from the ground of only 6 inches. The Vision™ modification can be installed on all Honda, Toyota and Daimler-Chrysler minivan chassis.

Vision Specifications (click here)

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VMI Full Size Wheelchair Vans
VMI Full Size Wheelchair Vans

VMI's full-size wheelchair van conversions offer the comfort and convenience of a full-size van, together with the quality and craftsmanship you expect from VMI.

VMI Full Size Van Specifications (click here)

VMI offers a full line of lowered-floor conversions of the popular Ford Econoline full-size van. Key features available:

• Under-vehicle lift for obstruction-free entry
• Power sliding door with manual override
• Fit up to four wheelchairs comfortably
• Federal Motor Safety Standards for easy entry
• 3 year/36,000 mile warranty

Phone: 503-255-5005

Wheelers of Oregon
Wheelers of Oregon

Accessible Wheelchair Van Rentals.

Daily, weekly and monthly rentals

  • Daily.........$115.00 per day.
  • Weekly.....$100.00 per day.
  • Monthly......$85.00 per day.

  • free airport (PDX) pick-up and drop-off Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.; otherwise delivery and pickup (for both airport and elsewhere) may be available for a fee.
  • modifications and special equipment available (please request prior to rental date).
  • located 3 miles from Portland International Airport (see map below).
  • included daily mileage 100 miles; cost per additional mile in excess of 100 miles per day is $0.35 per mile.
  • all our rentals are Non-Smoking Vehicles.

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Phone Toll Free 800-944-4935 or 503-255-5005.

12833 NE Airport Way, Portland, Oregon
only 3 miles from Portland International Airport.

Phone: 503-255-5005
Toll free: 800-944-4935

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